Getting Started with Git

You may have heard of Git, and like me, were somewhat confused on how to get started with it. This article should give you the basic tools you need to get started. In this article, we’ll be working from a terminal/command prompt. If you’re on Linux, you should feel right at home here. First, if […]


Why You Should Consider Learning the Go Coding Language

As a programmer in the olden days of QBasic in MS-DOS, I learned the benefits that compiled languages such as C++ had over interpreted languages that are processed at runtime. The same is true to this day. While computers have amassed insane amounts of processing power, the demand on servers has also grown exponentially. At […]


10 Things Magento Developers Should Be Aware Of

There are many things that trial and error teaches us when working with frameworks in general, these are some of the ones I’ve found to be important when working with Magento stores. 10. Version Control Even if you’re working alone, there are several reasons why Version Control is a good idea. Say for example, you […]